Print isn't dead.

Steel City Corp believes in the value of the free press in a democratic society—and we bet you do too.


It might sound lofty or idealistic, but when the facts get questioned and people start losing faith in their sources of information, we firmly believe the press is the place they turn for the news that matters.

We’re here to help your newspaper and magazine thrive. As a supplier for everything you need to develop your audience and share content, we’re a partner in this business—your success directly impacts our success.

As a committed believer in the value of print to society at-large, we’re in this with you because our society depends on getting the facts straight.

Let’s change the way we talk 
about the print media business.

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Be Heard

What issues are you facing in the magazine or newspaper business? Let’s hash it out—we’ll help you find the solutions to maintain and increase your circulation.

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From polybags to rubber bands, from Point of Purchase Displays to distribution racks to motor route tubes, Steel City Corp is your source for distribution supplies.

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Share Success

We’re all about sharing information here to help print thrive. What’s working for you? Share your promotions and tactics—we’ll share these with your peers.

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exPRESSly Speaking Podcast Video Episode 2

exPRESSly Speaking Podcast Video Episode 2

Episode two of exPRESSly speaking features a conversation with Troy Niday, COO at Sonoma Media Investments and Special Advisor to the Great Western Audience Alliance. Co-hosts Aaron Kotarek & Jim Smith discuss a variety of topics with Troy including the value of networking and relationship building at media industry events.

exPRESSly Speaking Podcast Video

exPRESSly Speaking Podcast Video

Welcome to the FIRST episode of exPRESSly Speaking...dedicated to conversing about audience development, revenue opportunities and additional opportunities in the media industry. Co-hosts Aaron Kotarek and Jim Smith chat with John Newby, Founder of 360 Media Alliance and author of the column "Building Main Street, not Wall Street". The trio discuss virtual conferences in 2020 and the GREAT opportunities for local media companies.

Idea #50 of 50 Days of Ideas! WRAP IT UP FOR THE HOLIDAYS !

Idea #50 of 50 Days of Ideas! WRAP IT UP FOR THE HOLIDAYS !

Wrap it up for the holidays! One of our all-time favorite promotions in our collection!!! What better way to "wrap up" our 50 days of Ideas Sharing?!?!

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