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Truth Be Told! Newspapers Are Important!

HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher”
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Possible solutions to gaining younger readers.

“My generation is building habits around digital content and [how much] we’re exactly willing to pay for it. We’ve grown up with a wealth of news and video available for free on the internet, and for many of us, we also have access to high-quality content through parents or friends subscriptions to services like Netflix. We built media habits around this content from an early age, but we were never forced to actually pay for content. My generation has grown up connected to the internet and we’ve never been at a loss for finding news and information on the web – for free.”
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A personal account of grabbing younger readers.

I don't need to site any specific results from the countless studies regarding the reduced interest in newspapers by each younger generation – you are already familiar with this trend. It's a big concern for all of us in the newspaper.
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