It's Showtime!

     As the line in movies such as All That Jazz, Beetlejuice, Groundhog Day, The Incredibles (and I am sure several other cinema productions) declares…IT’S SHOWTIME!

     Indeed, as the calendar announces the coming of spring, so do the emails, Facebook and LinkedIn posts, tweets, apps and even snail mailings promoting the schedule of conferences (shows) targeting audience development and circulation professionals.

     You’ve heard it before and you’re about to hear it again…the conferences offer an incredible opportunity to meet, greet, share knowledge and gain knowledge of OPPORTUNITIES that still exist for this group of professionals and their industry.

     The planners of these conferences have maintained reasonable registration rates, negotiated attractive hotel costs and BUILT FANTATSTIC PROGRAMS!!

     Over the years, several professional groups have unified their efforts (thus limiting the number of conferences) and this united effort has improved the programming and networking events within these conferences. In other words, these aren’t your “old-school” events as in the past.

      The days of a program limited to large group general sessions have passed. Today’s conferences offer fewer large group sessions and have added “break outs” or “work sessions” to encourage participation from EACH attendee.

      In other words, after you do the math of the cost of attendance and enjoy the revenue or savings from ideas gained from the conference, the decision to attend is, to put it bluntly, a no-brainer!

      As a sponsor and business partner at these events, I enjoy the opportunity to discuss industry trends, gather new ideas for products and services Steel City Corp. can offer to our customers, renew friendships developed after 27 years of serving the industry and make new acquaintances as well.

     I sincerely hope to see you this spring and next fall at one of these great events!

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