Idea #50 of 50 Days of Ideas! WRAP IT UP FOR THE HOLIDAYS !

Idea #50 of 50 Days of Ideas! WRAP IT UP FOR THE HOLIDAYS !
This OUTSTANDING promotion is utilized by the Akron Beacon Journal during the holiday season. In a nutshell, the newspaper printed a page each day that resembled wrapping paper. Who among us has not wrapped a present in newsprint at least once in our lives?!?
Each day the "wrapping paper" page is sponsored by a local advertiser and a full page ad from the sponsor is on the other side of the wrapping paper page.
In addition to increased newspaper sales and advertising revenue, the community goodwill this promotion created was impressive. Community service groups that need wrap for presents they were providing were eager to obtain the page each day.
An incredible promotion that was a winner on many fronts!! GREAT JOB Akron Beacon Journal!
Full disclosure: Steel City Corp. National Sales Manager Jim Smith used this wrapping paper on a number of presents for his family!!
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